Me to We Rafiki Packaging

Toronto based social enterprise Me to We has been selling their $10 hand-made bracelet/necklace/anklet item for a number of years and wanted to update the packaging. The products correspond with a specific gift or impact made in developing countries (e.g. education tools, clean water, medicine, agricultural resources, etc.). The previous packaging was inconsistent across different varieties/color-ways. Different products were even packaged in different forms. We first explored a new packaging form, developing a paper-board spool that help to elevate the product. The shape is taken from the logo. The spool concept allows consumers to remove and try on the product prior to purchase without damaging the package. Uniform thickness makes for easier shipping in bulk. The package is made from a single piece of paperboard and only one side is printed, helping to keep cost very close to the prior packaging form. The design features a hand written message in a shape relative to the specific impact of each product. The new packaging has been incredibly successful. It was introduced into Nordstom’s department stores and sold out quickly. Agency: Tether Die line development: Evan MacDonald Design: Evan MacDonald Writing: Allison Roger Design Direction: Troy Nebeker Project Management: Kim Lovitt

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