Gifts of Impact Holiday Campaign
While at Seattle design firm, Tether, I played a key role in the brand redesign and campaign creative for Free The Children, Me To We, and We Day. Those organizations work together to activate youth in the developed world in the work of helping those in need in underdeveloped countries. These organizations have since consolidated under the single flag of ""
The Gifts of Impact project stemmed from a goal to create a holiday campaign system which would connect shoppers and donors with the impact of their contributions.
We created a website where shoppers could hang a digital ornament ofter making their purchase. Me to We also displayed a tree in their Toronto storefront and each shopper was given an ornament which they were able to write their name on and then display it for all to see. These same paper ornaments were shipped to the online customers with their merchandise so they could hang one on their tree at home.
The Gifts of Impact campaign has been reused for subsequent holiday seasons and has become a tradition for some of the repeat customers.
My work included designing, creating and photographing the tree diorama used in posters and on the website, along with designing the ornament and logo for the campaign, and designing the website and customer experience.
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