The Summer Before College Infographic
This was a quick-turn project for Discover, as part of their student loan content collection. This is essentially a "listicle" of things that pre-college students should do before their first year of college. I designed the layout, type and illustrations. Bits of information design were also done by me. 
​​​​​​​One of the challenges on this project was finding a way to represent money without literally representing money (I think this was a legal issue). In the set of illustrations below, you'll see a rejected illustration of money, which was unable to be used because of content. I submitted something in the piggy bank vein, but that also was too close to literal. You'll notice the acceptable solution in the graphic above which I am pretty happy with!
The money illustration problem in this project is a common challenge in my work as a designer. Often times, its easy for designers to feel hampered by restraints like this, but every time I tackle similar challenges in concert with the client, we end up with solid work. These are some of the most rewarding interactions I have as a designer. 
Below is a line up of some of my favorite illustrations from this project.
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